To celebrate the homecoming of its designer from overseas education completion, AMARAGITA will be running a fashion show at FOLKNVOGUE: 100% INDONESIA, exhibiting a wide range of concept outfits that features a culture mix of east and west in terms of material, silhouette and graphics. The collection to be presented are mainly created from natural woven fibers such as fine cotton, silk and denim and they are custom crafted with traditional batik dyeing, embroidery and beading to display the elegant and fine craftmanship.

AMARAGITA always shows prolific graphic design, utilitarian and youthful looks. The concept outfits to be shown also reflect the same nature as well, beaming around courageous and rebellious aura.

To go along with the courageous theme of the collection, AMARAGITA will present the show in a theatrical manner by opening and closing the parade with a squad of futuristic robots performance. This will help strengthen the idea of mixing eastern and western nature previously mentioned as the characteristic and the main theme and embellishment of the collection.


Come to fashion expo
7 – 11 SEPTEMBER 2016


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